The Best Silhouette

Still searching for ways to make these booties work in the winter, and still loving them. There’s a thin white stripe in my top, and that’s not to say that I wouldn’t still wear them even if it didn’t. The rest of the colors are quite lovely together, and somewhat unexpected. Blue with burgundy and mustard. I dig, I dig. Comes in a few colors too! Continue reading

Blending with the Trees

How has Thanksgiving come and gone already?! I was home in New Hampshire for a week and it feels like I never even left San Francisco! I had such a great time at home with my family and got all of my baby fix with my sweet niece (she’s already three months old). Luckily when I’m home, I don’t have to worry about a photographer because I bribe my mom into taking my pictures. She’s not too bad, right? Continue reading

It’s Been a Minute

I know, I know. I’ve been putting things other than new blog posts first in my life lately, but I’m crossing stuff off my list left and right so don’t get used to the quiet on my end! I’ve been a busy little bee out here in sunny California! Still living out of boxes, but you better believe my holiday scented candles are out and burning. In this case, the priority is clear. Here’s what I’ve been up to. Continue reading

The White Booties

Spotted these little white booties and needed them right away. Found my size, and literally ran over to the register (only to wait in a seven person line), then realized there was a huge scratch down the front of one. I was so sad to leave without them. I always say that if I’m still thinking about it two days later, it’s meant to be. And it SO was. Continue reading

This Made the Cut

Who knew that packing my entire life could be so much work? Shipped 16 boxes, made a total of 7 trips to Housing Works and Goodwill, brought 4 bags to Buffalo Exchange, and I still had three suitcases (one very overweight), a large duffel, a backpack and purse (Givenchy inside my big Louis) to bring on the plane. It’s actually shocking how much stuff I have, and believe me, I got rid of a lot! BUT! This outfit made the cut, so here it is! Continue reading

Dressing Diamonds Down

Who said diamonds are only for red carpets and weddings? Well, I don’t know if anyone actually did, but these ones definitely aren’t. Even though they’re incredibly sparkly, they certainly don’t have to be worn with a gown or heels. Since I had these pieces of eye candy for the whole weekend, I wanted to style all the looks out of them that I could. Boom, I got three, here’s the second πŸ˜€ Continue reading