This Made the Cut

Who knew that packing my entire life could be so much work? Shipped 16 boxes, made a total of 7 trips to Housing Works and Goodwill, brought 4 bags to Buffalo Exchange, and I still had three suitcases (one very overweight), a large duffel, a backpack and purse (Givenchy inside my big Louis) to bring on the plane. It’s actually shocking how much stuff I have, and believe me, I got rid of a lot! BUT! This outfit made the cut, so here it is! Continue reading

Dressing Diamonds Down

Who said diamonds are only for red carpets and weddings? Well, I don’t know if anyone actually did, but these ones definitely aren’t. Even though they’re incredibly sparkly, they certainly don’t have to be worn with a gown or heels. Since I had these pieces of eye candy for the whole weekend, I wanted to style all the looks out of them that I could. Boom, I got three, here’s the second 😀 Continue reading

Just a Picnic in the Park

As one of the last summer weekends in the city, getting a picnic in was obviously very necessary. After a few iced coffees and a quick stop at Whole Foods for our sandwiches, we were ready to venture west to the park. Of course the grass was soaked (and somehow turned my friend’s shorts green?), so bringing the blanket was the best decision! My skirt stayed white, so all is well here. Continue reading

TGIF With My Best Accessories

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: accessories make the outfit. This dress is from Zara and was $12.99, and the sweater is from H&M and was probably around the same. The best way to completely update the look of a super inexpensive outfit is to add the best accessories! Of course both of these are very likely no longer available since that’s how fast fashion works, but don’t worry, I linked similar styles below! Continue reading