New Curtains and Lots of Restaurants

Hi friends! It’s been a week or so, a few exciting things have happened, but still no house. Probably the most exciting is that Dan and I hung curtains in my office over the weekend and I am OBSESSED with them. We also went to one of my favorite restaurants in SF, and to hot pot, and to lunch at another place, and I went out for a GNO drinks sesh! Continue reading “New Curtains and Lots of Restaurants”

Open Houses and Weekend Plans

How the tables have turned. It’s Thursday night, and the football game is on while it appears that Daniel has fallen asleep next to me because he is now quietly, and angelically snoring. At least when I have Bachelor on I’m awake! Anyway, made some progress in our house hunt last weekend, but still no offers were made. At least we got a fun city day out of it! Continue reading “Open Houses and Weekend Plans”

It Sold For How Much?

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that first post out of the way, let’s dive right in. Since we’re a year+ into marriage, we’re starting to move onto the next big steps, one of which is buying a home together. Whether it’s smart to be looking at or buying a home right now is not the point. We all know the market is insane right now, especially in the suburbs of major cities. But, here we are, out growing our space with stuff and wanting to find a home we both love 🙂 Continue reading “It Sold For How Much?”

Hi, Again!

Wow, I know it’s been a while! I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start at this moment and work backwards! Currently, I’m watching Bachelorette (delayed start by 30 min so I can FF through commercials), while scrolling through old profile pictures on Facebook trying to find something and of course went down a deep wormhole. I had a spark of inspiration looking at my old self in all those pictures and decided to pick up my laptop to write a new blog post! Of course, it was dead because why wouldn’t it be, but now it’s plugged in, Dan is trying to get the remote because I’m “not even watching it”, but damnit Daniel yes I am! Just because my eyes aren’t watching it doesn’t mean I’m not, you know? Continue reading “Hi, Again!”

All About The Wedding Dress

Deciding which wedding dress I was going to wear was something I struggled with, big time. In the beginning when we were planning to have our wedding next May, my vision was very different compared to the wedding we had. At first, I was imagining a dress that had some sparkle, tulle, lace, maybe a touch over-the-top even. But in the end, the dress I wore was absolutely perfect for our wedding. Continue reading “All About The Wedding Dress”