DIY: Ombre Sequin Mirror

A Bedazzling Idea

As I sit selling jewelry at my weekend job on the Upper West Side, I feel the need to share with you all the best hazlenut iced coffee. It comes from the Sensuous Bean on 70th and Columbus Ave. It is certainly made with lots of love, and for $3.75 at the same size as Starbucks grande it damn well better be.

Anywho, a few weeks ago I got the idea to bedazzle my full length bedroom mirror, which also happens to be in my living room and dining room. I got this mirror four or so years ago from Bed Bath and Beyond for about $20. It is probably the same basic mirror you all have hanging somewhere in your room/apartment/parent’s house. It has a frame around out that is about 3 inches thick and mine has a dark brown kind of wood grain look.

When I decided I wanted to do a little change up, I spend hours searching for great materials to glue onto it. I was first going to do small pyramid shapes, but I couldn’t really find a good price on any and most of the ones I found had holes because they were beads. I also knew I was going to need a lot and wasn’t about to pay more for the embellishments than I did for the mirror itself. Then I moved on to rhinestones. Same sitch, too expensive and would have taken a lonnnggg time. I’m also not a huge fan of rhinestoned, hot pink, zebra things like many girls. So that was quickly nixed.

A couple of days later, it hit me like a ton of bricks- SEQUINS! I ran as fast as I could to my computer, which was really fast since it was on the table next to me, and hopped on eBay. I was able to find the deal of a lifetime- 8,000 silver sequins for $4. What a steal!! The number of crafts I can do with 8,000 sequins are endless! They offered all kinds of colors too, but I chose silver since it will go with pretty much any color scheme. I placed my order on Mrs. Sheri’s PayPal account, thanks mom, and waited for what felt like a lifetime for them to come in the mail.






When I got them, I sprinted home with my silver sequins faster than Charlie did with his golden ticket and immediately started laying down newspaper. Since I have a subscription to Women’s Wear Daily, I never have a shortage of craft-time floor protectant. I also covered the mirror with newspaper and taped it down so I wouldn’t ruin it. Note: during the waiting period, I made a stop at Michael’s and grabbed a can of spray adhesive. It looks like it will last me for a long time and was originally $6.99, but of course I had a coupon. Michael’s always offers coupons which I just recently discovered. If you go to their website you can download them and it can be sent to your phone for the cashier to scan at checkout time. Perfection.

I first started with a generous spray and put the sequins on one by one. After half an hour and one square inch finished, I decided I didn’t have the four days it was going to take to finish it doing it that way. So I instead began sprinkling the sequins on every few inches and pressed them on a little to make sure they stuck, adding a few individual pieces here and there to the bare spots. I got about half way down the sides and decided I was going to do an ombre look where the sequins would fade out towards the bottom. It gives it a bit more of unique look and makes it look not so visually heavy.








I let it sit for a few minutes to dry then shook it off to make sure there were no escapees. I put it back against my wall and it was done! Note: I don’t have it hanging because my wall is made out of cement and bends nails. It looks beautiful and really jazzes up my room! Also makes my selfies a bit more interesting, hehe.






I hope you enjoy! If you try this at home PLEASE send me pictures! I’d love to see how others come out!

Craft on kiddos.



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