Ombré Shorts

A Kid Friendly DIY Project

Summer is quickly approaching. In some places a little more quickly than others. In the last week or two, the little town of New York City has experienced flash flooding, heat waves and just plain gorgeous days that make us happy to be alive. I would also like to mention that it snowed in New Hampshire over Memorial Day Weekend, #NewHampshireProblems at its finest. I have broken out my summer sun dresses from storage (aka from the big plastic Ikea bag under my bed) and switched my kitchen closet from being the coat and boot closet to the dress and sandal closet. Luckily, I didn’t find any big gross bugs, dead or alive. I did however find one of my favorite crafts from last summer: my bleached ombré shorts!


This ombré trend has been huge in the last year or so with everything. Some things have stuck a little more than others. The ombré hair thing was pretty big for a while and seems to still be going. As I began my senior year of college almost two years ago (eeeks!), I decided I wanted a change. I went to the Aveda Institute, where it’s only 20 bucks for a haircut. Yes, I’m serious. And they even do a pretty decent job. It’s a huge salon full of students that are currently in school and always know what’s hot. It may take them almost 3 hours to do a trim, but believe me when I tell you, they make sure every single hair is trimmed and a teacher checks it over to make sure it’s done correctly. Anyways, I went there and said, I want my ends bleached. They didn’t really know what I was talking about, I think at that point I had only seen it on one or two people with it. Google images didn’t even have a decent library of photos to choose from. (It’s always good to show them pictures so they understand EXACTLY what you’re looking for.) I was able to explain it to the stylist and she did a phenomenal job. I loved it so much and went back a few months later to get a trim and raise the ombré an inch or so to compensate for what was being cut off. Let’s just say I left the salon that day with the “it’s only hair, it’ll grow back” mentality.



So you’ve seen me ombré a mirror, now I’m going to show you how to ombré shorts!


Alyssa, this one is for you as per your request from quite some time ago.


Last summer I was home cleaning out my closet full of old clothes and shoes that weren’t up to par to make the journey to NYC. I found a few pairs of Express jeans that I got during the short time that I worked there. I was trying to think of something I could do with them since I hated getting rid of them and they were still way too big for my little sister, Jazmyn (7 at the time). Since I moved to the city, I shed a few pounds, which is great for cutting off jeans to be shorts so you don’t have a leg muffin! Nobody likes a leg muffin.. I decided to do two pairs, and ended up going to a used clothing store to find Jaz a pair since she didn’t have any jeans to cut. This is mostly because she refuses to wear jeans and much prefers a dress and high heels. -_- Can’t say she doesn’t take after her big sister.


We spread out on the kitchen table with our supplies:


Sharp scissors

A spray bottle


Rubber gloves



Note: the darker the denim, the more dramatic the bleaching will be.


First, it’s good to try the jeans on and draw a line at the point you want to cut them. Take them off before you cut them because it’s important to have both of your legs intact when you’re finished so you can wear them. Next, use the sharp scissors to cut the legs off the jeans to become shorts. Pour the bleach carefully into the spray bottle, over the sink. When you’re doing this, make sure you pour fresh bleach from the bleach bottle rather than using your mom’s laundry room bleach that is diluted with water in case someone decides to drink the bottle clearly marked BLEACH with two x’s as eyes and a sad mouth drawn on it. If you do use the diluted bleach, you will waste two hours of your life trying to figure out why the bleach isn’t working until your mom gets home to tell you that it’s diluted. Thanks, mom.


Probably go outside when you’re doing the bleach so you don’t accidently bleach the carpet or get mentally damaged from the fumes. Decide on a pattern or place you want to spray. If you want to be extra precise, get a piece of cardboard to put inside so the bleach doesn’t bleed through. I chose to do one of my pairs ombréd on the bottom and one pair bleached on the side seam. Jazzy wanted to do hers a little bit everywhere. I sprayed all shorts, we sat for a few minutes soaking up some rays and ate our popsicles (mandatory). Rinse them well in the sink, then put them through a normal wash cycle alone to get any last bit of bleach out.


Try them on, look in your ombréd mirror and go out with your head held high because you sister, are on trend with your new ombré shorts.


Rock on. Send me pics and I’ll post some good ones as examples! Thanks for reading gals!



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