Apple Chocolate Chip Pancakes

A Recipe

Dinner. It’s one of the many things that you need to do when you get home from work that you often dread. I don’t usually dread it as much knowing that I’m only cooking for myself, so for nights like last night that I just don’t feel like cooking, I eat my organic, gluten free cereal with soy milk. Yum. A cereal night was ok last night especially since I still have enough pasta salad left over that will last me half the week for lunches.


Sometimes I go all out and do a nice little chicken or pork dinner with veggies and a salad, other times I feel more than cereal-lazy and get sushi delivered. Then, there are those nights that I like to switch it up and do a breakfast for dinner. Wasn’t that always our favorite dinner as a kid? When mom didn’t feel like cooking and easily convinced us that eating breakfast for dinner was fun? I actually do happen to think it’s fun, but as an adult now I don’t feel that it’s socially acceptable. And now I’m going to share the unacceptableness of having breakfast for dinner as an adult with all of you. It is my most recent and most favorite creation. I call it APPLE CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES. Take a guess what’s in it.


First of all, I need to send out a general warning that I am a chocolate fiend. I will eat chocolate on anything and everything. I keep a family sized bag of Hershey’s kisses in my desk at work, but limit myself to one a day, usually around 3:30. I keep a bag of mini chocolate chips in my night stand. Yes, I am that sick. I eat them like chips while I watch tv, I melt them and mix it in fruits and granola for dessert, and I mix them into every meal possible. This is why breakfast for dinner is so great!


I would also like to share with you that chocolate chips really aren’t as bad for you as you think. Yes there’s sugar and calories, but according to that little devilish white box on the back of my bag, I can eat 40 chocolate chips and it contains only about 100 calories. WOW! It’s like a 100 calorie pack of chocolatey awesomeness. Mind blown.


So about these apple pancakes. I keep pancake mix in my cabinet at all times. I usually use it to make my mom’s chicken and dumpling recipe, which is one of my absolute favorites. That recipe will come a little further down the road. Pancakes are an easy meal at any time of the day, and if done correctly, can even be quite nutritious. I saw a recipe for slice apple O’s (cut the core out of the apple and slice) dipped in pancake mix and cooked. I tried it once with little J and they came out subpar. I didn’t love them. She also doesn’t like chocolate chips in her pancakes, she prefers them plain, syrup on the side. What a kid. I like mine loaded with chocolate chips, drenched in syrup, with a block of butter, topped with whipped cream. And I only indulge like that when I’m home in New Hampshire because I refuse to buy those fat-filled things. So one night, I got home from work and didn’t have any food, just an apple. I did what I do most nights and just threw some things together and hoped for the best. It turned out to be apple chocolate chip pancakes, and they were flippin’ amazing. Pun intended. 


Things you’ll need:

An apple


Chocolate chips (unless you’re Jazmyn)

Pancake mix



You can peel the apple if you choose, but the skin cooks down a bit and isn’t so hard once cooked, so I leave mine on because that’s where all the vitamins are! I dice it up pretty small and pour it into the pancake mix, along with the chocolate chips. I sprinkle some cinnamon in and mix it all up. I usually use a little less liquid than the pancake recipe calls for because I like mine really thick and fluffy. Pour it into a lightly buttered pan, sprinkle a little more cinnamon on top, and cook as usual. I think you can handle the rest without my exact direction, …….. , then serve and enjoy!

Try this and let me know what you think! It’s a great way to get kids to eat fruits for breakfast or dinner without them even knowing. Try adding peaches or bananas too!


Be creative and send me your recipes! Enjoy!




Ps. I will not entertain any pancake recipes that don’t involve chocolate chips. Thanks.

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