Cork Jewelry Organizer

For those wine drinkers..

If you drink a lot of wine, then this DIY is for you. If you have necklaces and earrings that get tangled because you have no awesome way to store them, then this DIY is for you. If you have half an hour and more corks than you know what to do with, then this DIY is for you. 
Things you’ll need:
Large picture frame
Lots of corks
Glue gun
Cute jewelry

A Glass of wine, naturally

First, take the glass out of the frame and safely dispose of it. Arrange the corks in any design inside the frame with the back attached to make sure they all fit before you glue them down. Note: Break some corks in half to make them shorter and give a different look. Pick them up one at a time and put a little glue on the bottom of the cork then replace it on the back part of the frame. Do this until all corks are glued, let it dry, then hang it up on your wall. Get some t-pins or any kind of sturdy pins to put in the corks and hang your pieces on. Head to my favorite craft heaven, Michael’s, and look in the sewing section if you don’t already have any.

Hang any necklaces, earrings or bracelets on the pins! That’s that! Note: Double up on the pins for heavier pieces and make sure you use enough glue to hold the cork.

Now, sip your wine and reflect on how much amazing jewelry you have. Also, give yourself a pat on the back because you are a crafty little chick.


Stay fabulous girls!

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