June 14th

Outfit of the Day

It’s another gloomy day in New York City. I am a person that must have sunshine in order to be a happy camper. Consecutive days without sunshine make me sad, like a wilting flower. That being said, I just couldn’t take another rainboot wearing, umbrella holding day. So today’s outfit was built around my bright cobalt blue pants. See below.

Luckily we had a moment of sunshine for my personal paparazzi to snap this little picture. Thanks F, one day I’ll pay you in more than coffee and nail polish. As we went out for our ritualistic Friday coffee run, in the 15 minutes we experienced drizzly rain, shivering, then sweating. Make up your gosh darn mind lady nature!!

Pants: Forever 21, $24.90
Shirt: Forever 21, $7.90
Vest: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers, (men’s) sample sale retail $350
Shoes: Dolce Vita $ three years ago and I couldn’t tell ya
Necklace: Zara, $29.90
Wallet: Chloe Marcie Zip-around $495
Coffee: Starbucks, Venti soy iced caramel 4-shot latte $6.10, free with reward
Nail color: Essie, Sand Tropez

And all I have for you now is TGIF!

Have a wonderful, fun filled weekend.


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