Homemade Flower Magnets


To Make Your Refrigerator Beautiful

Is your refrigerator suffering from lonely magnetized syndrome? Then you need the all new easy breezy homemade flower power magnets! They’re new, they’re for you, and they’re blue! (If you want them to be).

Simply purchase a few magnetic pieces or a strip and a few flowers or nicknacks of your choice. Glue them together and voila!

All you need is:
Pretty things to glue on them
Glue gun
Five minutes

I chose to use these really pretty papery flowers I purchased at Paper Presentation on W18th st. I bought them because I thought they were fun and colorful and I knew I’d be able to find something awesome to do with them. I decided to buy some little circle magnets also and make some fabulous refrigerator magnets because I have loads of things to hang on my fridge.

They are so easy and quick, and now I have a whole garden growing in my kitchen! Perfect for an inexpensive, homemade gift along with a small pad of magnetized paper

Craft on dolls!


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