Quinoa Burgers

A Recipe

Quinoa is a wondrous product. High in protein, can be gluten free and can be used in a zillion different ways. Over the last few months, the daily lunch crew in my office has been on a quinoa kick. We compare different ingredients in each other’s meals to get ideas on what to include in the next day’s meal. Some girls put different vegetables in, some girls cook theirs with broth. To each his own. Or hers.

Last night, I decided to go wild and make my quinoa into a burger, but without actually using meat. I have a few random ingredients left from my weekend and I hate having to throw food out because it’s gone bad. So I combine whatever I have in my refrigerator and make superb creations.

In the creation I concocted for last night’s dinner, I used some cheese, some veggies, and some bacon. Turkey bacon, of course, which I don’t count as meat. I didn’t have any eggs, otherwise I would have used one or two as a banding agent to hold everything together when forming the patties. All the ingredients are substititional, put your favorite veggies and cheeses in and enjoy however you would like it!

Wine (to drink)

Cook the quinoa and the bacon. Cut the bacon into small, manageable pieces along with raw broccoli and spinach. Combine them into a bowl with whatever cheeses you choose and eggs (I used mascarpone to hold it together). Mix everything together, form a few patties and place in a pan with some oil. The cheeses melting together also helped make it all stick for me. Since everything is already cooked that needs to be, you just want to leave it in the pan for a few minutes until the outside gets a little crispy!

Cook, eat, be merry!


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