Wardrobe Staples

The Kind That Go in Your Closet

My little cousin, who is now 21 and moving to Los Angeles (not so little), suggested I do a post about staple items in a wardrobe. My reaction was “WOW! What a great idea! Let me tell everyone around me that I’m going to do a post about staple items in every girl’s wardrobe!” Now, I am telling you, this post is about staple items that should be in every girl’s wardrobe. From clothing to accessories to a few beauty products.

First and foremost, possibly the easiest staple, the pearl earring. I bought mine when I was in about 10th grade from Kay jewelers. I love mine and wear them 15 out of 30 days a month. They go with anything and are so classy and elegant. They will generally go with any necklace and can dress up any outfit. Mine are on the smaller side, which I like because they are real pearls and the larger ones can just look a bit too costumey for me. But if you want bigger ones, buy whatever you want and can afford! They don’t have to be real to get the same look. I even picked out a pair for my mom for Christmas, David Yurman, with diamonds. Best daughter of the year award.

The next staple is a pair of flats. I wear my gold flats as much as my wardrobe allows me to. I bought my Chloe’s a few months ago and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The leather is so soft and they go with any single thing in my closet. They don’t, however, mix well with the rain. I don’t wear them if there is any ounce of wetness outside because I know they will get ruined, or melt Wicked Witch style. I keep my motorcycle boots for these days. Any pair of great shoes that can be a go-to when you’re in a pinch or need something that’s comfortable and easy to wear.

The next staple is a nude strapless bra. It’s a given why this is a staple. You can’t really see it underneath most garments, and if you wear a tank top, you’ll never have to worry about straps! There is really nothing worse than a cute top with gross bra straps showing. Ew. Go buy yourselves a cute nude strapless bra, and do us all a favor girls. Unless of course you are a bit too busty for a strapless, find something that has nude straps. But please remember, just because it’s nude doesn’t mean it’s invisible. Also, not including a picture on this one. I think you get it.

Another staple that is often overlooked is a signature perfume. Have you ever met someone that just always smells nice? If you haven’t, then we must have never personally met. I use Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9 on the daily. It is one of my favorite scents and the colorful bottle is another great part of it. It lasts all day and keeps me smelling sensuous. Coming from someone that never really wore perfume and figured I just smelled wonderful naturally, Bond No. 9 has changed my life. I reserve my Bond No. 9 Signature for the special days, and for the price, I’d better. Like Fridays, when I buy coffee and sometimes lunch. Special. Or a date night, but please don’t overload. Get a nice perfume, it’ll make you feel great.

A basic bag can also be life changing. My Marc by Marc Jacobs is my go-to bag. For any event. Day or night, even though it’s black. It is a perfect size and can be cross body or a shoulder bag. It fits my wallet, which makes it so easy to transfer into. It can also fit a small umbrella, my hand sanitizer, a water bottle, and any other miscellaneous things I might need throughout the course of a day. 

As far as clothing goes, you should have at least one pair on jeans that you love and will wear until they can’t, or shouldn’t, be worn anymore. Mine are my AG Adriano Goldschmied’s. They have a stitched bottom so they are a bit cropped, and I love the way they make my lower half look. Jeans all depend on your shape. If you have a larger bottom, find something with a bit of a higher rise. If you have tiny legs, find a skinny jean! If you’re short, find a cropped jean. And so on. Just because one brand may work for some people, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. Denim brands these days try to cater to everyone, but some just have a better fit for certain shapes and sizes than others.

Find yourself a great t-shirt. Mine is a grey Theory boyfriend T. It goes great with my favorite jeans, MBMJ bag, and pearls. I can throw it on with any bottoms, or under any sweater or jacket. It’s a bit baggy for the days that I don’t feel my skinniest (we all have those), but can still be feminine when paired with a cute pair of heels.

Lastly, get a great pair of heels or wedges. It is a known fact that women feel better and more confident when they are wearing heels. But for goodness sake, get some comfortable ones. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman that is wearing heels she can’t walk in because they are uncomfortable or too high (except bra straps). Please realize, higher isn’t necessarily better. I am finally starting to realize that after buying my Bianca 140’s (5.5″) that perhaps a smaller more manageable heel would have been better for everyday use. But don’t get me wrong, these babies are HAWT given the right occasion. Read tons of reviews before spending your whole paycheck on a pair of shoes, and make sure you are in love with them. Also, try to find a coupon.

For real lastly, a perfect color nail polish. Essie has great nail polishes and I have a drawer full of colors. They are my guilty pleasure when I’m having a bad day. Or even a good day. Pretty much any day of the week I’ll buy one if I see one I like. My latest obsession has been Ballet Slippers. It is a perfect light pinky color for summertime and makes me feel very feminine. But please, after a few days when it starts chipping, take it off with remover and don’t just let it chip. I’d rather see bare nails than chipping ones.

Well ladies, this should get you off to a great start for the rest of your lives. If there is anything I have forgotten, please let me know and I will add it to the list!


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