Pasta avec bacon, broccoli, et fromage

A Recipe

That means pasta with bacon, broccoli, and cheese. It was the little creation I made last night and twas delish! I first cooked the bacon (turkey bacon of course), and the pasta (I used gluten free). I put large broccoli pieces into the water with the pasta for the last two or three minutes to get it a little tender. Strain the pasta and broccoli.
Next comes le fromage. I like to use mascarpone for anything I can because I like the creaminess that it adds to pastas or sauces. A lot of people use it as a substitute for cream cheese in baking and desserts, but the only time I really use cream cheese is on my Friday morning bagels and you can bet your behind I am not substituting mascarpone for that. Anyhow, I put a scoop of mascarpone into the drained pasta and broccoli and let it melt. Cut up the bacon to a size of your liking and add it. I also diced up some mozzarella and sprinkled shredded parmesan on top with a little s&p.
Pasta is so versatile, these were the ingredients I had in my refrigerator so I put them together and got a lovely meal. Use whatever cheeses and veggies you have, and if you have some meat too, why not add it!
Eat well my dears.

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