Breakfast Wrap, Egg, Bacon, Avocado

A Recipe

Generally during the week, my breakfast is a protein shake in the morning that takes 5 minutes to make. So on the weekends I like to go a little crazy and indulge a bit. This weekend, I made a breakfast wrap that totally hit the spot. I use brown rice wraps from Trader Joe’s. I really like the consistency of them, they are a bit tougher than a regular wrap so you can even use them with dips or salsa. They’re also gluten free and whole wheat, so they’re a bit better for you than the usual. I like these wraps even with peanut butter and a banana or chicken salad.


Scramble the eggs with a little milk to make them fluffy and cook the bacon. I warmed the wrap in the warm pan after I cooked the eggs, sprinkled on some mozzarella, put the eggs on top to melt it, then added the bacon and avocado. I also put a little shredded parm on top because it’s delicious. Wrap it up, and enjoy!

You can use whatever vegetables you have. I would have put some green peppers in with the eggs and maybe come cherry tomatoes if I had them. Change it up to your liking!

Get the week off to a great start with a healthy and well balanced breakfast!


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