Dresser Knobs

A DIY Home Project

This could possibly be the easiest project to jazz up your living space. Drawer pulls. So easy to change and so many options to choose from. I bought this dresser from Housing Works for $40, such a steal. It had ugly silvery bar handles that I planned on removing as soon as I lugged it home.


I got the pulls from Anthropologie, some on sale, some not. They can be a bit pricey there, especially if you need a lot of them. I believe I paid about $4 or $5 for most of them, but some I just had to have and I was willing to pay full price. It takes about 15 minutes to change them all. You just simply remove the nut from the back and replace with your new, cute pull!


You can get knobs at so many places. Anthro obviously has a ton of really great ones. Home Depot also has them, pretty much any home store should have them. Take a look around, this is such a perfect DIY for any piece of furniture that has pulls. Even cabinets! The best part is, you can change them whenever you want to go with any color scheme!


Send me some pics if you try this project, and let me know if you stumble upon any great stores that offer them!



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