Daily Protein Shake

A Recipe

I will tell you upfront I am not a nutritionist, so my reasoning and theories sound great to me but may not be 100% correct. I also know from previously working for a major protein drink’s marketing team that protein is very important to have in your diet, even if you don’t work out. The amount of protein you should consume per day involves your weight and your physical activity. According to the protein calculator I have attached below (you’re welcome), I need 73 grams of protein a day. It was also boldly noted that this is the minimum amount I should have each day. That is A LOT of protein.

To put it into perspective:
1 large egg = 13g of protein
3oz piece of salmon = 26g of protein
15 dry roasted & unsalted almonds = 7g of protein
1 cup of cooked quinoa = 8g of protein

So, chances are good that whatever amount of protein you’re taking in everyday, you probably need more. Which is why I have my shake every morning! I don’t eat much meat, maybe some chicken every few days, and I eat quinoa just about daily because it’s easy to make and pretty high in protein. But I know that I need to make up for my lack of protein intake.

Ingredients (and protein):
Soy milk- 9g
Banana- 1g
Peanut butter- 4g
Protein powder- 17g

I also want to talk about peanut butter for a sec. I get mine from Whole Foods, I hit a button on a machine and it grinds the peanuts fresh. What more do you need in life? I get the unsalted kind, which is $3.99/lb (may vary between locations). It has 4g of protein and 100 calories in 1 tablespoon. It’s so fresh and has no sugar added, I will never be able to eat Skip1y or Jif again after tasting this.

In total, this shake has 31 grams of protein and about 330 calories. Not too bad for the amount of protein, also considering it keeps me full for at least 5 hours.

Protein Calculator

Start your mornings off with a healthy, high protein breakfast and you’ll feel great. Carry it around with you while you get ready and use whatever flavor of protein you want!

Definition of delicious and nutritious.


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