June 28th

Outfit of the Day

Let me first off start by saying Happy Birthday to my favorite big sister. She is out of the country at the moment, but this is proof that I remembered on the day. I am wearing pink for you today.

My outfit today really has no rhyme or reason. I had minor surgery yesterday to remove glass from my foot. I now have a bandaid on it and I think bandaids are disgusting and I feel that no one should have to be exposed to it. So I am wearing my little boots today. It’s another hot day, hence the skirt, and I needed a printed top because this skirt is kind of boring. And I have a nest on my head.

Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: Love Couture
Shoes: H&M
Mirror: Bedazzled by yours truly

Ps. Enter my contest for a chance to win one of my favorite things! Details 6 posts below!

Happy Friday everyone. I pray for great weekend weather!


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