June 29th

Outfit of the Day

Ugh! Working on my half birthday?! The sorrow.. On the bright side (literally), it’s sunny and the city is fluttering like a little butterfly’s wings. And like the wing on the side of my shirt. Yes, I realize it’s pink. This is the pink shirt I mentioned that I bought when I discovered wearing pink makes people talk to me. Paired with comfy pants, good to go. Be crazy and wear something out of your ordinary today.

These pants are a little funny. They go up really high on my waist, sometimes I tuck a shirt into them and throw on a blazer, but today the wing on my shirt was too pretty to tuck in. And it would be going against the pink theory by hiding the pink with black, yes? They also hit a funny spot on the bottom hem. When I’m not moving, they sit perfectly right above my ankle, but when I walk the weirdly ride up. So I wore the tie sandals that cover all spaces in between to prevent any bare awkwardness. Talk about stationary-mirror-pose-syndrome. I love them dearly nonetheless.

Shirt:  Elizabeth & James
Pants:  C&C California
Shoes:  Aldo
Jewels:  Gas Bijoux

Ps. Sensuous Bean’s flavor of the day is Chocolate Cashew coffee. Go there, now. It’s phenom.

Pss. Can we discuss the humidity for a moment. It’s been in the high 80’s for the last week, I hate what it does to my make up, but I can’t say I hate what it does to my hair.

Ok that’s all. Don’t forget to wish me happy half birthday. Oh, and you still have time to enter my Favorite Things contest, about 8 posts below now.


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