My Half Birthday

Yes, I’m Serious.

It all started out when I was born, exactly 6 months after from my older sister. Well, 2 years, 6 months, and 1 day. But 6 months nonetheless. I’m not sure how my mom used to celebrate, but the story goes that she used to feel sad giving only one of us presents even though it was only one of our birthdays. So she decided to celebrate half birthdays since they were six months apart. I’m not complaining. Maybe that’s why I’m such a brat. Well, it contributes to it I’m sure.. And not to mention the little one’s birthday is 5 days after the big one’s, so she fits in nicely as well.
Now that I’m 23 (and a half), I still celebrate it. Even though most people look at me like I have 7 heads, some really great friends go along with it. Thanks guys.
I say, why the heck not celebrate it?! It’s a reminder that you only have six months to accomplish the goals you set on your birthday or make the life changes you decided to make.
Plus it’s another day to treat yourself special, get that fancy latte you really like or buy yourself a cupcake, because you my friend are one amazing person and it should be celebrated more than once a year.
Can’t wait to get my present. We’ll see if it beats the Tiffany year. #brat.

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