On Marriage

Are You Out There, Mr. Big?

Since it’s now 2013 and I’m attempting to expose my awesomeness to as many people as possible, I recently decided to add a Pinterest account to my LTT social media platform list. That now makes the actual blog itself, Pinterest (@LetsTalk20s), Instagram (@LetsTalkTwenties), Twitter (@LetsTalk20s), and my mom (trust me, she counts as her own platform). I created the usual boards to pin on; crafts, food, my style, home and so on. Then, I saw an amazing wedding dress. Next thing you know, a new board: “My Wedding, See Boyfriend Application Attached.”

I hate to admit that I think way too much about what my wedding will be like for a 23 year old girl living in New York City, where the average hitching age is probably somewhere around 30. Also factoring in is the fact that my older sister recently got married, and it is a daily occurance that a Facebook friend or celebrity that I don’t care about gets engaged or married.

Given the fact that I was my sister’s MOH, I was quite involved in the planning. I found out the hard way that we are polar opposites when it comes to what we want in our weddings. From the rings to the dresses to the food. She says less bling, I say the more the better. The dresses were not quite my taste, but I’ll admit that they really did look fabulous (I’ll add Sangria to the list of colors I look great in).

I also discovered the events involved with a wedding are often the best part..

                                            The Bachelorette Party

The Bridal Shower

The Inescapable Family Bonding

Back when I was helping her plan her big day, I created a Wedding board on Pinterest to share ideas with her and my mom. Or at least that’s what I tried to tell people before they could ask why I was already planning my wedding when there was no ring in sight. This board was a place for me to secretly save all the things I want for my wedding, and maybe a few ideas for hers.

Then I have to wonder, why the heck does everyone want to get married so bad? I know thats a huge question that some of you can answer, but I simply cannot. I obviously see marriage in my future, but definitely not my near future. But why can’t I stop planning out the details of it? A co-worker recently told a story about a dinner with friends one night. They got into a heated discussion over where each of them was going to have their bachelorette party; Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans. Then she shares the killer: none of them are even engaged. Yet they have one of the biggest events of their lives planned out, with only one thing missing.

I’m not saying I don’t have more plans that I should at this point, I’m saying I’m very happy waiting until I know I want to be with the one I’m with forever. Because that’s what marriage is about, that forever thing. Good times and bad, sickness and health, for rich or for poor. At 23 years old, I am 100% not ready to make that much of a life commitment. I have a hard enough time choosing what color to paint my nails, and that’s only a 2-3 day commitment. If you feel that at this point in your life you are ready to make that decision, I envy you for having your shit together. And Congrats.

For those of us that aren’t ready for the big committment, we will have fun enjoying the parties involed with those who are ready. Just make sure it’s an open bar.

That’s all I have for now, choose wisely and live happily.

Ps. Happy Birthday Heather


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