Paint Nite

An Unexpectedly Fantastic Time

If you’re ever looking for a fun night out with friends, but not the usual go-to-a-bar-and-get-wasted kind of night, look no further. Paint Nite is a hilarious, crafty time even if you’re no Picasso. 

Tickets are usually $65, but if you’re lucky enough you can find them on a coupon type website for a discount, I believe we paid about $25 each. This includes a canvas that you get to take home at the end of the class, and a night of laughter with friends. Drinks aren’t included, but happy hour prices are usually still in effect. If not, go a little before hand and get a drink or two to start bringing out your inner artist. 

When you sign up for the class, there is a picture of the painting for each class to show what you would be painting. There are many different locations to choose from, we ended up in the Lower East Side at Essex. It was a great place with an upstairs that looked like it could be used for parties. Or Paint Nite. It’s offered in tons of different cities, so even if you don’t live in New York City you can still do this great little adventure. 

The instructor, who was a total babe, was very helpful and gave step by step directions. He went around to help, some of us used his help a little more than others. 

We all admitted it was a lot more fun than we were expecting and honestly can’t wait to go again.

My beautiful sunset picture is now hanging in my apartment for all to see. 


Until next time kids. 


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