July 5th

Outfit of the Day

Channeling my inner Laura Ingalls, of 2013, with higher heels and more make up. A bit more risque. July 5th. What to do on July 5th. My 4th was wonderful. Great fireworks in Boston, some beer, and an overall amazing day with family and friends. How do you beat that?

Given that it was already 92 degrees at 11am today, I decided I wanted to go to the beach. However, I don’t like to go to the beach usually if it’s over about 85 degrees because then it’s just too darn hot and becomes unenjoyable. So, instead I go in the afternoon when everyone is leaving and after I spent the day in my pool. Get to the beach when it starts to cool off, eat some delicious seafood and maybe there will even be more fireworks?

So my afternoon beach attire. Sundress and strappy sandals. Can’t go wrong, and if the sun is still shining, I won’t have to worry about annoying tan lines on my shoulders.

Dress: Gap
Shoes: Sergio Rossi
Earrings: Gas Bijoux

Happy 5th babes. Hopefully it will be just as amazing as your 4th.

Ps: Happy Fridayyyyyy


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