Princess Tea Party

On a Sunny Saturday Afternoon

After a long morning of searching for deals and steals at yard sales, we were famished. My mom, little J and I were driving through the treesy suburbs in my home state of New Hampshire when momma lit up and said she knew exactly what we were going to do for lunch. Now keep in mind, all my life creativity comes from my maternal gene, and believe me, she’s still got it.

We got home and were directed to go put on some make up and find our big summer hats. That we did. Nars’ Scarlett Empress on my lips, Flamenco on Jazmyn’s. Purple eye shadow for J, eagle-ish winged eye liner for me. Blush, perfume, hats and we’re ready.

We got outside and saw our picnic waiting for us. A heart blanket spread out in the shade under a big tree in the back yard, filled with sandwiches, teacups, and fruit galore. Maybe we used Snapple tea, but tea nonetheless. Momma even decided we would use English accents for the rest of our tea party, keeping the tea sipping roots strong.

Picnics are among my favorite kinds of meals. They’re perfect for a day at the park (or backyard), especially in the summer when the sun is shining and it gives us a perfect excuse to break out our big floppy hat and favorite lipstick.

Happy Saturday friends, and cheers!


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