Simple Make Up Routine

For an Early Morning Dentist Appointment

Part of being an adult is doing adult-like things, such as making your own dentist appointments no matter how torturous it may be. To make it even worse, I decided I would go to the dentist at 8am. Making the appointment a month ago, early seemed to make sense so I would still have the whole day to do whatever I want. Now that I am sitting in the waiting room dozing off to the calming classical music, I don’t know why anyone would wake up before 7am voluntarily.
Having said all that, I was considering my morning routine as I got ready for my mint-filled morning. There was no way in hell I was going to do my usual full face of make up just to go to the dentist. So I decided to keep it simple.
I started off by washing my face as it’s the most important part of wearing make up; keeping your face clean and fresh. I then used my favorite NARS tinted moisturizer as a base. It’s light enough for a moisturizer but also has a bit of coverage. It also has SPF 30 so it’s great as a sunscreen to protect my Cullen-like skin from the harsh summer rays.

Next, I put a little powder over the moisturizer for a little more coverage. I keep this powder in my purse just in case I have any shine or need a touch up at any point throughout the day. I buy a new one once I start to see the dreaded silver bottom (see below), keep the new one with my daily make up and put the old one into my purse.

I add a tiny bit of blush to the apples of my cheeks so I look a tad more alive. I’ve been loving this Chanel blush, it has a beautiful shimmer to it and somehow smells amazing. Once you use it, be prepared to never use another blush again.

Finally, just to make sure people know I have eyes, I put on a little mascara. I keep this just part about the same as my normal routine, starting with a curl and primer. I use Clinique lash building primer, it works great and it’s inexpensive. Double the great. Then I begin the mascara (pause for drilling……..phew). I usually do about two coats of it over the primer to build my lashes up. This is especially important when I don’t have another focal point on my face. The mascara I’ve been using is by Guerlain. It is pricey, but works great and again somehow smells amazing. It almost has a slight floral scent which makes it feel even more luxurious to put on. But don’t worry, once its on your lashes, you can’t really smell it. The case it comes in has a flip mirror on it and has a tube of mascara that you replace as needed. Very high-tech.

So the next time you go to the dentist (or feel like being a little lazy), try this simple make up routine! Just make sure you put on some Rosebud Salve before you go in, dry lips at the dentist are the worst! (Ps. the picture above is from another simple make up routine day. My face is numb and my half smile just isn’t cutting it).

I will leave you with this sign I saw on the way out of the office. Take care of your teeth, they’re the only ones you have.

Happy Monday!


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