Ladies and Gentlemen, My Mother

A Non-Contestant for the Outfit of the Day Contest


Here is my first submission for the OOTD contest.  Although I cannot win (which is a bummer because undoubtedly my keen fashion sense puts me in first place), I decided I should be able to have as much fun as everyone else by entering.  Beware, I plan to enter more than once…

So here goes:

Navy Sweater and grey silk shirt:  Charter Club/ Macys

Lace pencil skirt:  Apt. 9/Kohls

Bracelets: Thrift shop finds

which are mine. thanks for breaking them in, you can give them back now..

Love, Mom


Well kids, if she can do it, so can you! Instagram your OOTD, use #LTTOOTD on Instagram to be entered and Jazmyn will be picking a winner next Tuesday, July 16th!

Good luck my little fashionistas!


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