Painters Tape is a Wonderful Thing

A DIY Table Painting Project

So I bought this little table from Ikea about 2 or 3 years ago. It was only $5 (I think it might be like $7 now) and at the time I was in need of a table for my room to accumulate my junk. To put it together, you screw the legs right on the bottom. That’s it. Easy Peasy. After some great times this table and myself had together, I was getting crafty one night and decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit and paint it. One thing lead to another, I was at Home Depot, then the crafting began.

The nice lady at Home Depot told me I should probably prime it, which was a great idea because it was black to start out with. I primed it and let it dry overnight. I knew I wanted silver and off-white for the table and that I was going to do some kind of fancy design with painters tape. I started by painted the top silver, then the legs off-white.

I let it dry for a bit, did another coat, then let it dry overnight. I decided on a square design on the top. I should have measured it, but I eyeballed where to put the tape, starting with the outside. I also did a stripe on the side edge of the table.

After it was all taped, I began painting. I put the tape where I wanted the table to be silver and painted the off-white between the tape strips. I made sure to get all the corners to make it nice and neat. I painted the legs off-white as well.

Once it was dry, I carefully peeled the tape off. I let it dry overnight again before I put anything on it because I knew it would still be a little tacky. I’m overall very pleased with how it came out!

This is a great project for the kiddos too. Since the table is so cheap, it is perfect for any kind of project. Paint it with chalk board paint! Paint it white and let the kids draw on it! Glue newspaper or pennies to it then use a lacquer! Endless ideas.

Get crafty and go crazy with colors and designs!


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