My New Birthday

Because I Can

So you guys know I have my real birthday (obviously), then my half birthday. But little do you know I have another birthday which I refer to as my “NEW BIRTHDAY“, and it happens to be today. I decided to create my new birthday because let’s face it, having a birthday between Christmas and New Year’s really sucks. Everyone is always traveling or with their families. I never got to have a pool party or bring cupcakes to school.

Last year was the first year I celebrated my new birthday. The reason I chose July 12th as my new birthday is because it was my great grandmother’s birthday (her real one), we called her Nanny. She passed away when I was a senior in high school and it was one of the hardest times in my life. If I had to pick one person to live forever, it would totally be her. She was an amazing woman and always had the answers. And more importantly could get a stain out of anything.

I also figured since I have one of her ruby rings, July would be perfect! I wear it every day and it always makes me think of her. In addition to her ring, I have one of her favorite necklaces. It has a gold Nefertiti charm on a long gold chain. She had a few of them and was always wearing one. Somewhere along the lines, I was told it was a symbol of women’s empowerment. If you ask me, she was the perfect one to wear it.

The two of these mean more than anything to me, and if you ever have the chance to talk to your mothers or grandmothers about their jewelry, it’s so interesting to know the history of where they got it and such. Do it while you have the chance!

So cheers to cupcakes at school and pool parties. Summer birthdays are the best.

Happy new birthday to me!

More importantly, Happy Birthday Nanny!


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