Sausage Wrap

A Recipe

This recipe is pretty basic. My mom made sausage sandwiches the other day and sent me a picture. Since then, I have been craving one. I went to Trader Joe’s and they have a crazy amount of sausages. All kinds to choose from. I ended up just getting plain garlic chicken sausage. They come precooked in packs of five, so expect a few more sausage recipes this week.
First, I sliced part of an onion in long strips, along with a green pepper. I put them in a frying pan with a little oil on medium heat. Let them cook for a few minutes then added the sausage to heat it and brown it a little. 
Once they were done, I put them into a warmed wrap with a little cheese. I would have used real bread, but I had brown rice wraps which I love and I like them way better than warm soft bread. Yeah..
So that’s all! Wrap it up and enjoy! Easy dinner, and only takes about 10 minutes!

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