Teased, Curled Ponytail

A Carrie Bradshaw Inspired Up-Do

Last night I watched the Sex and the City movie. If you can’t get fashion or beauty inspiration from that movie, you’re nutso. There was one part when Carrie was talking to Louise and had her hair in a ponytail with the back messily curled. It looked so cute, so naturally I decided to try it today.
I blow dried by my hair unusually carelessly this morning. I used my big round brush, but just so it didn’t become a frizzy, unmanageable mess. Normally I will take it section by section and dry each part straight, but not today. Once my hair was about 80% dry, I put it into a ponytail on the back of my head. I finished drying the ponytail because it’s a small scale sin to put a curling iron or straightener to wet hair.
Next, I grabbed my hair in sections and curled each one in the ponytail. I chose to do less but thicker curls rather than more but thin. Once it was all curled, I sprayed a little hairspray in to make sure the curls would hold.
To tease it a little, I used a fine tooth comb. I could have gone crazy and done a lot more to make my hair bigger, but I was kind of digging how it looked just a little messy. I hold each curl at the bottom and loosely backcomb to get a teased look. Spray a little more hairspray and I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought I was actually Carrie. Twinsiesssss.
Teasing (your hair) is a wonderful thing to get fabulous volume, just remember to show your hair love with a deep conditioning mask next time you wash it!

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