I Really Wanna Lose 3 Pounds

On Body Image

Ok, so I would like to discuss something that whether we admit it or not, we all think about. For some of us it’s in our minds all day, every day. Others, but not many, only think of it a few times a week. I would put myself mostly in the former category. I will admit that I think about my body image, weight, how I look, and how I feel a lot. Especially being a girl in my early 20’s, it’s summer and there are constant reminders that thinner and fitter is better. Why you ask? Well because that’s what society and the media tell us.

It hit home for me one day about two years ago. When my little sister was 7, I realized my views on life were already starting to rub off on her. When I go home, she likes me to sleep in her room with her to have slumber parties. How can I resist that? Before bed, I usually do 50 or so crunches, and I do this even when I’m home to keep the routine. This particular night, I began doing them and noticed she got right on the floor next to me and started doing them too. I asked why she was doing them and she said because she wanted to be skinny. Terrifying. I stopped immediately and told her she was perfect the way she was and didn’t need to change one bit. I’m very careful about what I do and say regarding weight around her now.

Though I’m very happy that finally people are starting to that realize being fit and healthy is better than being skinny and boney, people all over and of all ages still struggle every day with eating right and trying to lose weight to be healthy. This doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourself, but it means making the choice to eat a cup of fruit instead of the daily bag of potato chips. 

Society teaches us that thinner is better. This is good in part because not being overweight typically means you’re generally more healthy. Studies have shown that overweight people are more likely to face serious health risks that otherwise healthy people normally wouldn’t. But once you are heavier, how do you change? I listen to it from my mom, friends, girls I don’t even know. Everyone wants to be smaller, weigh less, look better in their clothes. I don’t blame them.

We must set goals for ourselves, but healthy ones. Focusing on our weight to the point of starvation or doing anything else just to be thin does not work! One of the biggest challenges for girls and women of today is being able to be happy with who we are and how we look. Believe me, there will always be someone thinner, taller, and with bigger boobs or smaller legs than us that makes us all cringe inside with envy. We have to grow into a culture of women that know we are beautiful and have much to be thankful for just because we wake up each day and get a new chance to accomplish our dreams.

The only advice I can give is eat right and exercise. I know, it’s mind blowing. And clearly I have found my exercise calling with volleyball.. I will tell you right now, some days I don’t feel like want to do anything physical, especially when I get home from work, starving and tired. But if you push yourself to go to the gym even for 30 minutes, or spend an extra 10 minutes cooking fresh vegetables and chicken instead or ordering Thai take out, you will notice a huge difference in just a week. Yes, it may mean going to the grocery store more often or waking up a little earlier, but it is well worth it.

A wise woman once shared one of her secrets with me. Get some weights, either 2.5, 3 or 5 pounds, keep them next to your bed. When you’re lying in bed at night watching tv, do curls. I realize it isn’t a crazy intense workout, but it will keep your arms toned and reduce that underarm jiggle that we all know and despise. And seriously, you are barely even doing any work, how perfect.

Ladies, I know it can be a tough struggle. Stick with healthy eating. That’s really the most important. Exercise is right up there with it, but if you can’t bring yourself to do it on the regular, at least eat like you love yourself. Take care of your body and think about how much better you’ll feel when those jeans are a little bit looser on you and you can finally fit into that dress you bought promising yourself you’d lose weight to get in it.
Lastly, give yourself one treat to look forward to each day. I have a bag of Lindt dark chocolates in my night stand. I eat just one at night as a reward to myself for being good. I think about that one piece of heaven all day, and it helps me get through temptations. However, do not allow this treat to be a bowl of ice cream or an entire Snickers bar. It could be a bowl of strawberries with a little chocolate, or blueberries in yogurt with granola. Something along those lines.

All of you are amazing and I want you all to be healthy and enjoy your lives. If that means staying exactly how you are then that’s great as long as you are happy with yourself. If it means going into your cabinets and refrigerator right now (or when you get home from work) and throwing out all the disgusting junk food, then you go sister! In the end, all that matters is that you are healthy and happy. When you’ve achieved that goal, you’ve won the battle.

Biggest secret of them all to stay healthy and fit, get ready.. eat less, move more!

Start the week off right. Make this week the one that changes the rest of your life.


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