July 15th

Outfit of the Day

We’ve made it half way through July and have yet to completely melt away. Things saving me from melting: dresses, skirts, a/c, beer, ponytails, bird’s nest buns. Today, three of these things will be saving me.

My outfit today consists of three things. Dress. Booties. Earrings. With only five minutes to decide what I was going to wear today (Monday, enough said), I went straight to my dress closet. Separating my dresses from the rest of my clothes was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. It makes my life so much easier to see all that I have to choose from and not have to worry about my pants not matching my shoes etc. I grabbed this little denim looking linen number, decided to wear my booties for a little height, and picked my earrings based on nothing. Denim dress, burgundy shoes, tortoise hoop earrings. Sure, why not.

Dress: Theory
Shoes: Rag & Bone
Earrings: Gas Bijoux

My method of picking a picture from today’s photo shoot was pretty much figuring out which one sucked the least. I couldn’t choose, so I decided to add a few to hopefully make up for my lack of normalcy today. Also, I want to let you know my mane was nicely curled this morning when I left my apartment. It has since melted into what it is now.

F told me I was being too awkward and to act natural.

I act natural. “Oh nice, a mug shot” she says. I laugh.

And that’s what happened on Monday, July 15th.


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