July 16th

Outfit of the Day

I remember to the day the last time, well maybe not that last time but definitely one time, that I wore this dress. It was two years ago, just about to the week, I was going to a family dinner in Rome. I had the most delicious risotto that I’ve ever had in my life. It was cheesy and creamy and warm with hot crispy bread. Uhhh yum. Anyways, I love this dress, and having worn it for a few hours now, I remember that it’s one of those itchy tag dresses. Luckily, F was a life saver and used packing tape to cover the little devil.

When accessorizing, I decided to go with a bright coral colored earring to offset the mustard. I had a plain silver hanging earring in my hand, but decided it was too understated for what I wanted with this dress. I did, however, decide to go with a neutral sandal, a light grey crisscross number.

I feel that I should also mention how much better my curls held today. I think it is because I used my humidity resistance Sebastian hairspray this morning. Such a great idea. Even the wind walking to the subway didn’t destroy my curls. Bring on the humidity, mother nature.

Dress: Marshall’s, Soprano
Sandals: Aldo
Earrings: Gas Bijoux

Now the pictures.

“I’m not really feelin’ this spot.”

“Maybe I should take my sunglasses off?”

“Or maybe I should just stand over here?”

“I dunno, I’m sure I’ll be able to use one of them..”

Go bold, mix colors. You’d be surprised how well opposite colors can complement an outfit. Probably why they’re called ..complimentary.

Ps. Today is the last day to enter my contest. Instagram a picture of your outfit, use #LTTOOTD and Jazmyn will be picking a winner at 9 tonight (before her bedtime). It doesn’t have to be today’s outfit, just one that you love with you wearing it! A great prize awaits you!
Good luck dolls!


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