Boscia Luminizing Black Face Mask

Product of the Week

The craziest thing happened to me last night. I was walking down the street and there was a guy changing his oil by the sidewalk. I was minding my own business when a huge rat jumped out in front of me. I tripped and fell right into the bin of oil, face first!

Just kidding, this is just my Boscia Luminizing Black Mask! Even though it looks like used motor oil, it does wonders for my dull, tired skin.

Here’s what happened. I did my first MMA class last night, just to try something new. I don’t think I have ever sweat as much as I did in that hot studio, bouncing around and punching my imaginary punching bag. Gross, I know. To then have to get on a crowded subway with my bags filled with work clothes and empty tupperware was, well, miserable. I ran to the food store, bought more than I went there for, carried all that home and up my stairs.

I didn’t even put my groceries away before I got in the shower. Even when I got out, I still felt like my face needed a little something extra. I decided to use my go-to face mask. I got it a few months ago and I just love it. You put on a thick layer of the black cream, let it sit for a bit (or long enough to do your dishes and pack tomorrow’s lunch), then slowly peel it off. I think the peeling part is my favorite. Anything left over washes right off with warm water. And after, my skin feels so clean and radiant. Like the mask sticks to all the dirt and gross things in my pores and rips it all right out.

I highly recommend this mask if you’re in the market for one. It’s $34 for a 2.8 oz bottle and works like a dream, seriously, read the reviews. It’s a hit. It makes my skin feel pure and so soft. It doesn’t have any parabens or sulfates, no scent, but I would be careful if you have super sensitive skin and maybe just rinse it off.

Go get a bottle. You’ll love it.


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