Homemade Canvas Picture

Kid-Friendly Canvas Craft

While I was home a short time ago, little J, aka the crafting queen, wanted to do a craft. As much as I love doing crafts and spending some QT with her, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day, days in the weekend, weekends in the month. In the rare chance that we do actually get time to do a craft, it had best be a good one.

I’ve been wanting to do something with a canvas for quite a while. They can be a tad expensive, and by expensive I mean like $8.99, so I don’t usually buy them just just to have. But of course little J does, and she had two just laying around. Perfection.

We started out by painting the whole canvas one color. (You can do as many colors as you want!) We chose hot pink because it was one of the only acrylic paints we had and those just work a lot better on the canvas since it is a bit thicker and opaque. We let that dry for a little while.

Next, we headed to the craft room downstairs and dug out the Cricut. For those of you who don’t know, its a magical little machine that cuts any shape you want. Letters in any font, cute little hearts, etc. But you have to have a little key for each set of pictures. Anyways, we picked out our phrases that we were going to put on our canvases.

I wanted something inspirational, that would remind me how fabulous I am. I chose simply “you are fabulous”. Jazmyn really wanted to do “we are all beautiful inside and out”. Although it is a very sweet message, it was just a little bit too long. She settled for just “we are all beautiful”, and even that was a bit tight.

We cut the letters then headed back upstairs to tape them down. It’s good to tape them so they don’t move during the next paint application. We used a little tape on each end of the letters.

Since my mom didn’t want us getting brain damage, she made us go outside to use the spray paint. I find that for this part, spray paint is easiest, rather than trying to use a paint brush around the letters. We had silver and gold spray paint, except the gold didn’t work, so silver it was.

Do a little spritz from a few feet away all around your canvas. And a little on the grass if you feel like getting funky (and need your lawn mowed otherwise your dad might get angry). Let it dry a little, peel off your letters and there you have it!

Once I got mine back to my apartment, I decided to glue some sequins to the corners for a little extra jazz. It looks really great and I’m totally obsessed with it. I can’t wait until I have another $8.99 laying around so I can buy my next canvas!

When I painted my canvas pink, I left a little white around the outside, and when I spray painted it I tried to do it a little unevenly so it didn’t look too perfect. Even though it looks perfect to me.

And if you don’t have a Cricut, either buy one because they’re great, or just cut your letters out with some good old fashioned scissors. Tomato tomato. Hmm I guess that doesn’t really work there..

If you do this craft, pleaseeee send me pictures!! I’d love to see what you all come up with!

Happy crafting my little crafting queens!


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