July 18th

Outfit of the Day / Around the Office Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Ms. Jackie. I have been giving Jackie that I-really-like-your-outfit look all day, which can very easily be mistaken for a creepy and mostly dirty I-hate-your-life look. The first thing I love about this outfit is her boots. Second, the fact that she’s wearing them with a dress. Who thinks to buy white boots. Even leather at that! But, I guess they are a bit more summery than my go-to black motorcycle boots. They even have cutouts. And the dress? Absolute perfection with these little puppies. Props to you J.

She thinks they make her look like a doctor. Do you see it? Neither do I. Maybe a Doctor of fashion. Ha, cheesy. I’d probably be too scared to wear these babies out of fear that they would get dirty (typical). I will spare you from the acronym, but you only live once, and so do your sweet white, cutout leather booties. Wear them like you’ll never be able to wear them again!

Dress: Parker
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Ok, I’m going to buy white boots now. Bye.


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