The Quietest Breakfast I’ve Ever Eaten

Max Brenner, Heaven

Yesterday, I indulged. Like seriously, so much so that I might feel a little guilty today, and not because of all the calories. I wanted to do something a little different for breakfast, so I cheated on my morning protein shake and went out for breakfast instead. This my friends, might have been the best decision I made all weekend.

A little piece of heaven can be found in Union Square in New York City. It is called Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man. To start off with, its a necessity to get a cup of their hot chocolate. The best part is that it is served in a “hug mug” which is a little egg-shaped mug that you hug with your hands while you drink. They have all different kinds of hot chocolate, we decided on the dark chocolate. It was amazeee. Ever seen a grown man hug a little mug of hot chocolate?

For breakfast, I got the French toast, he got pancakes. No ordinary French toast or pancakes. Both smothered in chocolate, mine with apples, and his with bananas. Seriously, if I had to choose the last meal I’d ever eat, it would be this.

Please friends, do yourselves a favor and try this place. There are a few locations in different cities, but it is certainly worth a trip no matter where you are, especially if you’re a chocolate fiend like me! New breakfast recipe? Fo sho.


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