Coolest LED Lights, Ever.

You Gotta Check These Out

Last spring, for my very last spring break as a college student ever, I decided to visit my cousin in South Lake Tahoe, CA. I did so much while I was out there; tried snowboarding for the first time, went to San Francisco, and did so many fitness classes I actually lost weight on vacation rather than gaining it. This is mostly because my cousin, Tara, is a fitness instructor and even owns her own studio now. I haven’t seen it yet, but I know she has pink spin bikes and that in itself is listed under the amazing chapter in my book. While I was there, Tara introduced me to the wonderful world of spin. Typically, spin is done with little light and loud music to pump you up. Honestly, Tara could pump anyone up with bright lights and no music at all. I left feeling more empowered than ever.

The coolest part about Tara’s classes is that she sets up pink lights around the room and lights candles for a special ambiance. She is the kind of instructor that actually cares about the people in her classes and lives for what she does rather than just looking at it as a job like most people do. She even gives participants her phone number incase they have health and fitness questions, or if they just need inspiration! Talk about being a fitness committed lady!

Recently, I came across these super cool LED lights on Amazon made by a family run company called RTGS Products. The first thing I thought of was Tara’s spin class with the lights around the room and how fun it would be to recreate that in my apartment! As I read the reviews on these lights, all kinds ideas came to mind that I could use them for. People seem to really love them, so I started out with the 7 foot, 20 light string lights in pink. They come in a bunch of different colors and in two lengths; this length and 30 feet. As soon as they came in, I dug through my junk drawer to find a few loose batteries, inserted them, and turned them on. I’m so impressed with the light that these little guys give off, and with a life expectancy of 35,000 hours, you can’t beat them.

Thus far, I have tried them out in two different places. I have a lamp in my room with some hanging crystals on it (from Pier 1). I wrapped the LED string around the top and down the sides. It looks so cool with the pink lights shining through the crystals and makes me feel fancy having them on.

The next place I tried them, and absolutely cannot wait to continue through each season, is my little wreath you might remember that I made for the summer! I wrapped the pink lights around the ribbons and flowers, and cut a rubber band to tie the battery pack under one of the flowers. The wreath looks so adorable. I decided to enjoy it myself and hung the wreath on my wall inside my apartment since my one neighbor, a man whom I’ve come in contact with once, will certainly not appreciate it as much as I will!

I’ve listed their website below along with Amazon’s site where you can see what others are offered and purchase them. I highly suggest these lights guys, they’re so fun to do all kinds of crafts and decorating with! Read some reviews and see what other people have done with them, they’re very creative and have great ideas for these lights!

RTGS Products

Buy RTGS Products LED Lights on Amazon!

I’m beyond excited to see what else I’ll be able to do with these little gems, and even more excited to see what kinds of adventures I can get into with the 30 foot set!

Stay tuned dolls!


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