July 25th

Outfit of the Day

Today’s outfit is inspired by being a non-smoker. Wondering why? Because my Karma for a Cure t-shirt benefits it. My former classmate, Margaux Minutolo, started this company after being inspired by her father who battled prostate cancer, lung cancer, and multiple brain tumors. She draws all the designs by hand and puts them on t-shirts to benefit different causes. Proceeds from this skull shirt go towards the John Theurer Cancer Center, a non-profit organization that supports lung cancer research.

The description for my tee states “The smoking skull symbolizes the inhale of cancer and the exhale of putting second-handers at risk. Cigs are so 1990, smoke free is the new trend. P.S. our favorite wardrobe staple = black on black on black” on her website. Simply amazing. Men love this tee too (you might notice the second picture below is not me, he was taking selfies all day).

Not only is this a totally rad shirt, but all her other shirts are awesome too! There’s a baseball tee with a pitbull that benefits at-risk animals; donations from sales of this tee are made to Rational Animal, a non-profit organization that educates the public of at-risk animals and helps inspire people to make positive actions to take care of these furry friends.

These t-shirts unique and they all benefit great causes. In addition to those aforementioned, other causes include breast cancer research, Parkinson’s Disease research, drug abuse treatment and prevention, and anti-bullying.

Some of these shirts are offered for men as well, and the shirt below, which I personally love, is called “Stache Swag” and benefits prostate cancer research.

Check out Margaux’s website below. She does an amazing job and is such an inspiration to women everywhere to be powerful, independent and make positive changes in the world! 

Karma For A Cure

I’m proud to be friends with this amazing gal, keep it up sister! You rock!


Jeans and boots: Zara

Coffee: Butter pecan by Dunkin Donuts 


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