Super Straight Ponytail

With a Little Poof on the Top!

To go along with my rockstar Karma for a Cure skull tee, I decided the best hairstyle would be pulled back and sleek to stay out of my face and really showcase my fab skull. Also, I didn’t feel like washing my hair, naturally a ponytail is perfect. I blow-dried my hair straight the day before, so it was already straight.

I started by brushing it out and running my straightener through it to make sure I didn’t have any little frizzies to kill my sleek vibe.

Next, I pulled the top of my hair up around my crown area and used a comb to tease it a little (clearly it’s very fun). I took the next section about an inch closer to my forehead and teased a little more. And so on, until I found the perfect amount of volume. Now, beware of the snookeffect. That is NOT the look I’m going for.. just a little extra volume to give my ponytail some pizzazz.

Finally, when putting the ponytail together, brush just the sides and bottom so they’re really smooth. For the top, just sweep it back and smooth out the very top with the comb so it doesn’t look like a nest. Also not the look we’re going for here. Make sure the sides are super tight and use a really stiff stretchy hair elastic to tie your pony up!

I ran my straightener through sections of my pony to double check it was straight everywhere and all going in the right directions. Added a little hairspray to the top and sides and smoothed out the frizzies around my face with my comb. That comb, such a handy little tool. And here’s the finished product!

Note: I put my pony smack in the middle of the back of my head; when it’s too high, the tips do this weird out flip thing from hitting my back and I hate it, and if it was too low then it would kind of kill the volume effect on the top. Put yours wherever it makes you happy kids. Side view below, courtesy of F.

I’d love to see how yours comes out! Send pics and such!


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