July 27th

Outfit of the Day

Hello again friends!
Usually on the weekends I like to wear things that I wouldn’t normally wear to work during the week. If I never wear these things, then what’s the point of having them! It’s not that this dress isn’t office appropriate, it’s just a bit much to wear to sit a desk for a third of the day. So, la weekend. My favorite time of the week when all my hidden treasures come out and make their debut.
I’ve owned this dress for a year or so, and have only worn it a hand full of times. I like to save it for when I’m feeling fabulous and this morning when I was getting dressed, I said to myself “Self, I am going to be fabulous today.” And so I am. A fancy little dress, red lips, and a nest bun.
Dress: Helmut Lang
Shoes: Lanvin
Lip color: NARS, Scarlett Empress
Earrings: Gas Bijoux
I hope your Saturday is full of wondrous activities and fun!
xx- S

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