Sunday Not-So-Funday

Another Day, Another Dollar

What to wear on a drizzly New York City Sunday? Well, quite honestly pretty much the same thing I’d wear on any other day: black. This morning when I checked the weather, it said rain, rain, rain. Not for another few hours, but being prepared is embedded in my brain thanks to my mother. Getting caught in the rain with a nice pair of shoes on and without an umbrella is on my list of horrible things. 
Also, when I woke up this morning and saw that it was cloudy, my day was already off to a poor start. I did not want to get out of bed; working 7 days a week is a real bummer. But, I laid in bed, smiled at myself for a full minute, and then headed to the gym for a pre-work workout. I blasted some dance music and worked up a sweat, that always makes me feel better.
So to prepare for the rain, I am wearing my new favorite motorcycle boots from Zara. Such a great place. They’re also having a huge sale right now, I went last night after work and got a(nother) fringe leather top and a(nother) pair of track pants. How can I resist?
My boots with jeans and a black top. Side braid because you’re crazy if you think I’m putting more than 10 minutes into my hair on a rainy day. I started with two French braids, got to work, then realized I looked like I was 7. So I took them out and did one loose side braid. Much better. Red lipstick because why not, and an almond cookie coffee from the Sensuous Bean so I’m not such a female dog. 
Top: Nordstrom, Collective Concepts
Tank: Target
Jeans: True Religion
Boots: Zara
Earrings: Gas Bijoux
Lips: Nars, Red Lizard/Flamenco combo
Well kids, I hope your Sunday is more of a fun day than mine! Keep me entertained with your instagram pictures and tweets. And I will be here, blogging, pinning, tweeting my life away! Follow me!
xx -S

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