National Lipstick Day

July 29th, 2013

Did you guys hear what today is?!


I’m celebrating by wearing one of my favorites, Nars Red Lizard. In all honesty, I found out about this glamorous holiday after I applied my lip color, but hey, why not use it to my advantage! As I carefully put it on this morning on the subway, F asked how many Nars lipsticks I own. I thought for a minute then answered “probably about 15+” (three of which are in my purse right now). Then assuming by the judging look on her face, I needed further justification. “Well, they’re all for different days, and times of the year. That’s why I have so many!” And I continued application. I need them. All.

On Lia (left): Nars, Heat Wave
On Nadera (middle): NYX, Pink Lyric
On Stephanie (me): Nars, Red Lizard

So ladies, even if you have no special plans tonight, put on your favorite lipstick, pour yourself a glass of vino and celebrate like the fabulous glam girl that you are!

xx -S

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