Picture Clothesline

Instagram Pictures on Your Wall?!

It appears from the pictures that she sent me, F was getting a bit crafty this weekend. We can call this post guest crafting. I would love to do more of this FYI, so if you’re crafty, send me your crafts! Even if you’re not that crafty, I’ll gladly accept creativity too.


According to her, her wonderful brother got her these pictures from Printstagram. This site takes your Instagram pictures, you choose which ones obviously, and puts them into prints! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get prints of Instagram pictures, but mine always come out weird because they’re a square and not a rectangle. So in this case Printstagram is perfect for getting you exactly what you want. They even have different sizes you can print them in. After all, we are now all professional photographers with the invention of Instagram, right?


For this craft, she used twine, little nails, and mini clothes pins to hang the pictures, all from Michael’s. All she did was tie the end of the twine around two nails, put them in her wall and clipped the pictures to it with the pins! This is an adorable way to hang pictures without putting a hundred nail holes into your wall. Also, this would be great for me to do over my bed since the wall is made out of solid concrete. NYC apartments for ya.

The link for Printstagram is below! Inexpensive and super easy!


Well done F, and if any of you would like to share your DIY/crafts with me, I’d love to see them! Email me your pictures to LetsTalkTwenties@gmail.com!


xx -S

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