Lip Liner

Product of the Week

Continuing with the celebration of National Lipstick Day (July 29th), I decided to dedicate my product of the week to my lips. In addition to lipstick, lip liner is something that you just shouldn’t live without. It’s often overlooked since most ladies think they don’t need it and it’s tough to buy a liner to match every lip color you have.

Luckily, Nars makes amazing colors and I found my perfect lip color shade. I know it’s my perfect shade because every time I wear it, at least one person tells me it’s my color. It’s my go to lip color for any occasion. The name of the lip liner is African Queen and the lipstick is Afghan Red. Wearing these two together I can conquer the world. I love it so much that I had to buy another to keep in my desk at work for when I’m feeling a bit blah and need a pick-me-up. Lipstick is always the answer.

Note: I use mostly all Nars for my lips. I have tried many different brands and Nars never lets me down; it stays on and vibrant all day. I do well with the dark reds and purples because of my skin tone and hair color. Above is always my go-to, but a few others I’ve been loving are Damage, a light purple sheer, Napoli which is a nude, and Scarlett Empress for my dark red.

The only time I don’t use a liner is when I forget to bring it with me, and when I don’t use it I feel like a piece of my makeup routine has been forgotten. Below I have shown my lip liner/lipstick application through pictures. I hope you thoroughly enjoy them.

First, I pout (like a princess) because my lips are bare and boring.

Next, I begin by putting on my lip liner. This is where you can create the shape of your lips. It’s like coloring, but you have to stay in the lines, otherwise you’ll look like a 5 year old. Also, if your liner and lipstick aren’t the exact same color, no fear girls. I usually do the line around the outside of my lip and go a little bit into my lip. This way, when you add the lipstick on top of the liner on your lip they’ll blend perfectly!

Then you add the lipstick. This is my favorite part because it creates the finished look. You’ve already made the outline, now you just have to fill it in!

So there you have it. Lip color can really change a lot in your appearance; it makes you stand out and it creates a focal point for when you don’t feel like doing a lot of eye makeup. And when you think of lipstick from now on, make yourself think of lip liner as well. It’s like nail polish and top coat. Or heat protector and flatiron. They just go together. Always.

If you are one of the hundreds of women who has said to me “lipstick just doesn’t look good on me”, it’s because you haven’t found your shade. Go to the closest department store or Sephora and spend an hour, or three, trying on every single shade they have to offer. I guarantee you that once you find a color that works for you, it will make you feel more confident and it’ll make you shine like the star that you are! But make sure you grab a liner too!

xx- S

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