Black and White

Trend Alert!

Ever wonder how New Yorkers dress for summer? If you haven’t gotten enough of an idea from my outfit of the day posts, maybe this will sum it up for you. Add white to New-York-black. As you may know, people here dress for funerals every day of the week. What are we grieving? The struggle of working in fashion, being surrounded by fabulous people and going to glamorous places on the daily. We live a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Trending in the office: black and white. That. Is. It. Who would have thought it would be that simple? Simple as black and white perhaps? Yup. And these ladies are rocking it. Hard. White pants, black maxi, white bandage skirt, white lace. Ah I can’t handle all the chicness! Not only are these great (New York) daytime looks, but they’d carry over to night looks perfectly!

Kerry (left): top H&M, pants Zara
Francesca (middle): top & dress H&M
Ally (right): top & skirt BCBG

You girls, you make my job so easy. Keep lookin’ so fly.

xx -S

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