My Living Room

A Little Looksie Inside My Apartment

After a few requests (one from Courtney), I’ve decided to let you guys inside my apartment. Via blog post. Not in real life. Only because you wouldn’t all fit. I’ve lived here for about a year, but I’ve kept a lot of the same pieces from my previous apartment. Adding a few things here and there where needed.

To start off, I’ll show you around my living room. Which is coincidentally also my bedroom, office, and closet. You might have seen pictures of this area in the past on my instagram because it’s my favorite little area of my apartment. The couch was a new addition for this apartment, Ikea, and pretty much the only time I use it is when I have company. Otherwise it usually has piles of my crap thrown on it, which is a shame because I really like it.

I was also a real treat to carry this couch up my stairs. And by that I mean watching my dad and his friend carry it up my stairs. I got a video. Such a brat.

I found a few tutorials on dyeing the couch cover different colors, but since I don’t own a washer and drier and it would cost a small fortune to get all the extra dye out. I also would be nervous that the dye would bleed on everything. I skipped that DIY.

Instead, I got a bunch of colorful throw pillows. The two large gold ones are from Marshalls. The smaller ivory, red, orange pillow is from Pier 1, and the smallest burgundy pillow is from Housing Works! I got them all for under $75 total, but also at all different times. You can’t rush these things.

The pictures hanging over my couch were all taken by yours truly. Two summers ago, I spent about two months in Europe. It started as an internship in London (which I fell in love with), a weekend trip to Paris, touring all through Italy with my family, and ending off in Germany. I got amazing pictures and actually felt like a true photographer. Mind you, this was before I had Instagram. After a few months of being home, I revisited Europe through my pictures. I began playing with the contrast and saturation on a few of them and loved how they looked. I blew them up, ordered prints, and bought a few black and white frames. I wanted to stick with neutral frame colors because the pictures have enough character alone.

The mirror is from my favorite craft store, Michael’s. I saw it around Christmas and told my mom I completely needed it. So she told my grandmother, and that lovely lady got it and wrapped it up as my Christmas present. It took about 4 months for me to actually bring it back to the city; it’s quite large and heavy.

My ottoman is from Target, and couldn’t be any better for a New York City apartment since the top flips up and there’s storage inside. I keep a lot of my craft supplies in there. Also my gym clothes. It sounds much stranger when I actually say what’s in there outloud. Craft supplies and gym clothes. And of course you all know my sequin mirror (previous DIY).

I love this area because it reflects my personal style, especially since I took all the pictures on the wall. I love adding my own touch rather than buying someone else’s work. Try it yourself, get different sized frames, find some pictures that you love, and a wall screaming for some affection. I might even have this collage-type of wall art somewhere else in my apartment. You’ll just have to wait and see!

xx -S

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