Thrift Shop

Yeah, Like Macklemore

As I sit here listening to the wonderful jams by my man Macklemore, I can’t help but to think about how wonderful thrift stores really are. But seriously though, that fringe vest he’s wearing, I want one. With $20 in your pocket, you can get a world of fantastic finds at a thrift store. I don’t know the exact politics between thrift stores, second-hand stores, etc. I know a consignment store generally sells merchandise that still belongs to the owner and the store takes a profit from whatever price it sells for. But as far as I know, the others aforementioned buy merchandise / receive donations outright.

Where I’m going with this.. I want you all to get past the stigma of owning clothes that have been preowned loved before. In all honesty, I’d say 30% of my closet has come from someone else wearing/using it before me. And I actually quite love it. I have found some seriously amazing pieces from second-hand stores. I find that I am more able to express my individualistic style shopping this way rather than at mainstream stores that cater to the masses. I love owning something that not all my friends or people on the street have too.

As I have mentioned in other posts, my absolute favorite consignment store is called Chic Consignment. It’s located in Andover, MA and I have found deals of a lifetime there. Between my Lanvin sandals that I rock so often I had to get them resoled, to my Louboutin wedges and my Bottega Veneta bag. And ya know what guys? All three of those were well under $300. Total. Yeah, I’m serious. I love whomever is the size 7.5 that is starting to hate all her barely-worn designer shoes. Please, keep selling, because I’ll keep buying!! Not to mention this unworn DVF wrap dress that I got for a steal. Take a guess. OK! I’ll tell you. $36. I could die.

My favorite second-hand store that’s located in New York City is called Buffalo Exchange. I stop in here usually at least once a month. I try to limit myself because it’s easy to spend a small fortune there when I’m able buy so much for so cheap! The great thing about Buffalo is they buy clothes from you and whatever they buy, you get 50% of the selling price in a store credit (or 30% cash if you choose). I prefer to go in when I have a few gently worn pieces to sell because then I’ll have an excuse to shop, and get a discount! A discount on top of a discount? Rocket science? No.

Take a looksie at my most recent Buffalo finds. I’ve been on a sequin kick lately. I just can’t say no to them. This feather skirt? No brainer. Lace cropped top to wear over a tight long dress. And woah baby, this tank! How do I even describe it? Back slit, hi-low, side slit sleeveless, sheer tank? That’ll do. And all of these? Under $85. I can’t.

So you see kids, there are deals to be had, styles to be worn, and trends to be set from these mysterious little stores. If you have the energy to sift through the racks of unique tops, dresses, skirts, jewelry, then please stop in the next time you pass by. Warning: some second-hand stores are purely junk. Find one that you know carries things of your liking and stick to it. I promise, you will not regret it!

xx -S

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