Fancy Nails

Getting Crafty With Painter’s Tape

One of the biggest trends of the last year or so has been really crazy, colorful nails. If you have a Pinterest, or follow pretty much any female on Instagram, you have probably seen a bunch of hockey puck fingers showing their newest nail art. I used to wonder how these girls did such fun nail designs. Some are stick on sheets, others spend an entire evening painting their nails.

Recently, I was the latter. I had been looking for my painter’s tape for at least a week because I wanted to share my tricks with you all. I finally found it after remembering the last craft I did with it; my fancy little table.

To start off with, you will need a few colors, depending on how fancy you’re getting, a file, and your base and top coat. And of course your painter’s tape. I chose Chinchilly (grey) and Bottle Service (pink) by Essie

Do your base coat and your first coat of a color. Note: try to use very solid colors otherwise you’ll end up having to put 6 coats of polish on each nail.

You need to wait for the first color to fully dry, then decide how you want the design on your nails. I stayed pretty basic with just a diagonal line. I put the painter’s tape across each nail. Good luck..

Next, use the second color to paint the part of the nail that’s still exposed. Wait a minute or two for this to dry, then carefully peel off the tape. This is my favorite part.

Finally, use your Seche Vite quick dry top coat on each nail. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for them to fully dry, but give them a bit longer to dry if you use more coats of polish than usual.

If you want to get really fancy, cut the tape really thin and do multiple lines on each nail. Or maybe a French tip!

Best of luck with this craft guys. It can be a bit tough, but if you can sit still long enough, it will look amazing!

xx -S

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