Hey Stranger!

What Not To Say To Someone That Doesn’t Recognize You

Usually when you leave the country, seeing someone you know, unplanned, is very unexpected. So naturally when you do see someone you know it can be pretty awkward. Especially when they don’t recognize you. And you’re some random girl saying “hey stranger” as he walks by with his girlfriend. Yes, awkward. I guess I could see how he didn’t recognize me; I’ve changed quite a bit?

Now luckily, he isn’t a past boyfriend or something along those lines, it was a boy I went to high school with. More than five years ago. Yikes. But I’ve probably seen him once or twice since then at a party or at the mall. Also, I want to add that there was about 120 people in my graduating class. So there’s no excuse to not know every single person you graduate with.

I would also like to add that by out of the country, I mean on a 3,000 person cruise ship to Bermuda. But out of the country nonetheless. And it departed from Boston, not so far from where I grew up. Ok, I guess the chances are pretty good of me knowing at least one other person here.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is that if you see an old male friend that you no longer keep any contact with in a random place, and he’s with his girlfriend, think of a better statement to make as you pass by than “hey stranger.” It will probably make his life a lot easier when it comes time for him to try to explain who I am.

Maybe I’ll shoot him a Facebook message. Or maybe I’ll just let him continue to try and remember who the hell that girl was on the cruise ship that said hi to him.

Hi Josh. We went to high school together. I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

xx -S

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