Yard Sale Saturdays

Treasures and My OOTD

I’m back at it. I know you’ve been just dying to know what I’ve been wearing for the past week. Honestly, just a bathing suit. And if my co-cruisers were lucky, maybe a cover-up. But most likely not. Also, a big floppy hat, the highest wedges I own, and lots and lots of sun screen. That Bermudian sun can be a scorcher.

Now that I’m back at work (womp womp), I have to wear real clothes again. Such a bummer. BUT! I have something exciting to tell you! I went to a yard sale over the weekend in New Hampshire. I got two really amazing things.

1. This really cool, shelvy, holey, tall shelf thing. I don’t know what it’s true use is, but I am going to put it in my kitchen and put lots of things on it. Like spices. And dish towels. You know, kitcheny things.

2. This even cooler denim jacket. Now, let me preface this by saying I was in the Gap on Friday night and literally spoke the words, “I really need a cropped denim jacket.” For real, I said this. And guess what I found at the yard sale! You betcha!!!! However, when my mom pointed the jacket out she was trying to show little J, because it is a kids jacket. I quickly blocked her view and shouted I NEED THAT JACKET!

The woman holding the yard sale witnessed all of this and said, “That’s a kid’s jacket, it will never fit you.” At first, my mom agreed. Until she realized the woman was being a bit snotty towards me. Then my mom said “Oh, she went to FASHION SCHOOL, she’ll cut it and roll it and totally make it work.” Guess what lady, it fits. Kid’s size (5-6) from the Gap. HA! Even better! Good karma? Who knows. The cropped denim jacket gods were on my side this past Saturday.

Jacket: Gap
Dress: Forever 21
Boots: Zara

Don’t underestimate the wonder of a yard sale. It is one of my absolute favorite family activities during the summer, but only when I’m home. Because there aren’t too many yard sales in the city. Or yards.

Be on the lookout dolls. Yard sales are also a great place to buy super cheap, used clothes to do fun crafts with!

xx -S

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