MAC Cream Colour Base

But I Like To Call It Highlighter

Hey guys, do you know what today is?! Product of the week day! And hump day… Sorry to leave you hanging last week. We’ll just say that last week’s product of the week was sun screen.

So this week’s product of the week isssss……


Highlighter is a great way to create that J.LO glow to your complexion for those of us that want a little something extra. I recently discovered it and I now use it everyday. It adds a dewy look to my skin and I just love it.

One time, I was watching make up tutorials, because I do things like that, and this really sweet girl was using this particular product. I was all like “I want to look like that!” so I went out and bought it. When you look on MAC’s website, it’s called Cream Colour Base and the color I use is called HUSH. It’s $20 for this container and it has lasted me about six months so far. I need a new one! EEEKK!!


Hush is a light pinky tone with a slight shimmer, which is why it’s great as a highlighter. You can’t really see the pink in it when it’s on your skin though.

I use it on my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, and the curve of my upper lip. I put my bronzer to contour right below the highlighter on my cheeks and it blends really wonderfully. My nose is self explanatory. The lip highlighter placement is just to accentuate how luscious and plump my upper lip is. hehe. I put my Rosebud Salve on my lips and call it a day.

If you need further instruction, head on over to YouTube and check out some tutorials. They’re super helpful when getting a good make up technique down. I also love them to get new ideas on how to use new or different make up.

Ta ta for now beauties!

xx -S

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