Bermuda Pictures

And Such.

You might know that I was on vacation last week. If you didn’t before, you know now. I’ve decided to share a few highlights from my trip through pictures. So, here they are!

The traveling begins..

The awkward ones are my favorite

I don’t think I mentioned there was 31 of us. And we’re cousins..

Little family picture

Big family picture. I’d also like to mention that random people we didn’t know were taking our picture as well. They wanted to keep these memories just as much as we did.

Finally made it to our room

Pool time. Bikini Lab bathing suit. Helmut Lang skirt. Saks Fifth Avenue hat.

Out at the pool

A bit too much sun..

The food

After the food

And of course..

Now the sights

Desktop material. Feel free

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

A few extras

So now you’ve been to Bermuda. I hope you’ve enjoyed your trip!

xx -S

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