August 16th

Outfit of the Day

You know those outfits you keep in a section in your closet that are special-day summer clothes that aren’t to be worn everyday? I had a realization the other day, when it was 60 degrees out, that summer is almost over  and I haven’t worn even half of my special-day summer dresses, skirts, or tops. It gave me an instant anxiety feeling that I needed to bring an extra set of clothes to work every day to make sure I get to wear them all! Since that’s a little extreme and kind of unnecessary, I figured I’d just try to wear one of these outfits each day for the next few weeks.

Today’s outfit is inspired by Labor Day. You all know the rules, no white after Labor Day. Now, I’m not really one to follow the rules, and I will continue to wear white after this long awaited weekend. However, I will only wear white pieces that are transitional. For example, this dress is a summer-only dress, so it will not carry over into the fall. But if I have a cute pair of white jeans I will absolutely wear them with my tall black boots, a patterned chunky sweater and a teased pony. But since I don’t wear white jeans, that won’t be happening, but it’d definitely be cute on you!!

So, this morning during our commute, I said to F, “Maybe we should do my pictures on the subway today!” And so we did. It really amazes me how generally, New Yorkers just do not care what’s going on around them. I was doing a photo shoot on the subway and not one person looked up from their cell phone games or newspapers!

Dress: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers
Boots: Rag & Bone
Bag: Louis Vuitton, Speedy 30
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Make sure you fit in all your summer outfits girls and boys! August is already half way over!

xx -S

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